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Seahawk UK Ltd is an independant Shipping and Transport Company. We are a specialised trailer/flat operator to and from Western Europe.

Our head office and northern depot is located in Hull, East Yorkshire.

We also have a depot in Harwich, Essex.


In todays highly competitive global economy, the worldwide movement of freight has become increasingly sophisticated and cost critical.


No one is better equipped to meet these demanding conditions than Seahawk UK Ltd.


Because of the standard of our competitors we are always looking for new ways to improve our service to ensure we stay up with the market leaders.


All customers have individual requests. As far as Seahawk UK Ltd are concerned the size of the contract is unimportant in relation to the quality of service you will receive.


So if it is overnight deliveries, storage facilities or transhipment services you require rest assured your cargo is in safe hands.


We pride ourselves on our successful realisation of our clients transport needs and we are able to offer a personal service which makes these needs our only priority.

"If there is a better way to serve our customers...

... we will find it"

We operate daily collections from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and UK. We can offer a collect day 1 deliver day 2 service. We operate from the ports of Rotterdam, Netherlands and Zeebrugge, Belgium to Harwich, Purfleet, Killingholme (Immingham), and Hull.


We control the cost of the operation by virtue of owning our own equipment being 6m/9m flats and 13.6m flat bed trailers.


Hull is our Head Office. This is also where all your transport needs can be requested either for quotes, collections or deliveries.


Hull, East Yorkshire. This is our northern storage depot for building products where we distribute to various locations.


Harwich, Essex. This is our main depot which we use to store Bricks, Tiles, and Pavers etc. We have dealt with all the major building products companies at this depot.


"Big enough to cope, small enough to care"


Tel:+44 (0)1377 240540

Fax:+44 (0)1377 240640

Email: steve@seahawkuk.ltd.uk

Email: simon@seahawkuk.ltd.uk

Email: matt@seahawkuk.ltd.uk